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One Close Manufactured Home Construction Loans/ Construction To Permanent Loan... No Money Down.

The value of a manufactured home on land or in a Park is greater than ever before. With the quality and selection of today's manufactured home construction, home buyers are creating their dream homes on land and in parks every day.  If you own your land and want to buy a manufactured home or if you want to buy land and have a manufactured home built for your new property or just simply want to put a new manufactured home into a park, talk to ValueLoans.com first. We understand what you want to accomplish and we know how to make it work for you.

If you own your land and want to buy a manufactured home, in most cases you can use your land equity in lieu of a down payment to purchase a new factory manufactured home. If your buying a new manufactured home to put in a park and your credit is good we can qualify you for 100% financing. You can also move the current manufactured home you own to land you own or are buying. With most loans, you can close one time and wrap the construction and permanent loan into a single program that you can easily understand and manage.  If you want to simultaneously purchase land and a home, we can help you with that too.  Simply put, we appraise your new home while it's still in the planning stage. We work with you and your General Contractor to determine the costs of the entire project.  Once your project is approved, we work with your retailer and your contractor directly to insure you have a new home when you are ready for to move in.

We offer construction terms up to 6 months.  In many cases, we can set up reserve accounts for construction interest and cost overruns so that no cash is required during the construction period. If you choose not to set up an interest reserve account, you only pay 1% of the outstanding balance of your construction line each month. Once your new home is near completion, we lock in the rate on your on permanent loan and you begin your mortgage without a second closing.  We can even offer One Time construction loans with FHA loans

Manufactured  Home Construction,  Lot  & Improvements Loans

Important Information about Manufactured Housing Finance

  • Did you know that if you follow basic mortgage underwriting guidelines, manufactured houses can be financed at the same rates and fees as conventionally built homes? Fannie Mae and other prime secondary market lenders now buy these mortgages at the prime mortgage rates.

  • ValueLoans.com is a direct correspondent lender that funds construction and permanent loans on manufactured homes.

  • Basic underwriting guidelines for manufactured housing means the homes should generally conform to other types of homes in the area. This does not mean it is necessary to be in an area with solely other manufactured homes. In fact is it usually not required that there be any manufactured comparables in the area. But it does mean we can do single-wides or homes in mobile home parks . Most rural and urban areas are acceptable in 26 states. 

  • The simplest way to finance manufactured homes is to use MobileHomeLoan.biz One home Loan construction process. This is one loan that finances the purchase of the unit, improvement of the lot (grading, utilities, etc.) and converts to a permanent loan at the time the notice of occupancy (or similar document) is received. There is only one closing, one escrow and one title policy to go through.
How much will this cost me?
    There will be a loan fee for the construction loan period. The interest rate during construction will float over the commercial bank's prime lending rate. At the time of completion, you may select from several types of loans, including 30-year fixed, 20 year fixed or 15 year fixed rate loan types.

      How do I lock in Rates and Fees for my Permanent Loan? Borrowers may lock in the terms of their permanent loan anytime within six months of the completion of construction.

              How Long will it Take to get this done?

       If we are able to get the following information

    • Information about the Unit you are purchasing, including factory invoice

    • Signed Costs Breakdown and verification of costs (or a contract) from the contractor doing the work

    • Appraisal (future value appraisal) 

    • Loan Application (This can be done by phone, fax, online or mail)

    • Permits and other necessary approvals(in most cases set-up crew will aquire the appropriate permits).

    • With all the requires iformation we can issue loan approval within 48 hours, and fund the project within 2 weeks. 

      2 Loans...1 closing

      Less Cost...Less Hassle          

      We Can Get You Off the Ground.
      In the process of building your dream home on land you’ve already purchased? LoanJunction.com can assist you with a flexible Construction to Permanent loan.

      Because Construction to Permanent Loans are often considered Refinances, the need for a down payment is usually eliminated. Both fixed rates and adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) are available.

      Loans are treated as refinances only if the customer has owned the land for more than a year; otherwise, the loan is treated as a purchase.

      We are Your One Stop Source.

      Because Construction to Permanent Loans are considered Refinances, the need for a down payment is eliminated.

      ValueLoans.com is your one stop institution for all your construction needs, and we handle the Construction and Permanent financing. This feature allows greater flexibility, personalized service, and quick closings.

      Our methods work for you. We obtain the Loan-to-Value ratio, or LTV, by using the appraised value of the property. You only pay interest during the construction phase.

      • Conforming 15- 20 and 30-Year Rates
      • Fixed Rates
      • One-Time Close, in which costs are kept to a minimum
      • Up to 100% Loan-to-Value (LTV) Ratio
      • Jumbo Loans

      Mobile Home Loan Automated Quote Form

      Our manufactured & mobile home loans automated quote form allows you to shop us from the comfort of your own home without speaking to an office loan coordinator or account executive yet still receive a best estimate of our rate, term and/or availability based on your unique situation. Please provide as much information as possible. Thank You for making ValueLoans.com #1.

      Your Name:
      Year Of Mobile Home and Whether it is a Single, Double or TripleWide?
      Rate Your Credit? Poor (Lower Than 599), Fair(600-660), Good(661-699), or Excellent, (700 & Above).
      Is the Home on Land, In a Park, Private Property, Leased Land, in a Coop Community or Other?
      Is This a Purchase, Refinance For A Lower Interest Rate Or Cash Out / Debt Consolidation Refinance Loan?
      Income Per Month And The Source: W2,s, Retirement or Self-Employed
      Amount You Would Like To Borrow And Value of The Home? For New Purchase Loans Include % down
      Email Address:
      Getting To Know You Section:Please include anything that may help us to give an accurate quote,Including Previous BK, Additional Income, Current Lender, current rate, goals or anything unique to Your Situation.

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