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The in park zero down, 100% financing mobile home loan program is designed for borrowers who have good credit, employment stability, past residence stability and debt capacity but have limited funds for a down payment. This program will allow these borrowers an opportunity to purchase a manufactured home despite not having a down payment or not wishing to provide a down payment.

1. Must meet current term limits based on the loan amount up to a maximum  term of 240 months

2. Maximum advance of 145% of net invoice amount plus taxes, title, insurance and set up and retailer installed equipment (maximum of 20% of net invoice)

3. Only buy down points may be financed(Not to exceed 2 points)

4. Minimum credit score of 640



The land & home zero down, 100% financing mobile home loan program is structured different than the in-park zero down program in the sense that the loan is a construction to permanent loan. Again this loan is designed for borrowers who have good credit, employment history and debt capicity. With the land & home construction loan we use the future value of the new manufactured home as our equity position.

1. May loan up to 150% of land value in initial payout.

2. Maximum construction period of 180 days for manufactured homes.

3. Minimum 620 credit score.

4. Construction payment calculated by future value of land/home.

5. Must have appraisal of land and factory home.

Automated Mobile Home Loan Quote Form

Our manufactured & mobile home loans automated quote form allows you to shop us from the comfort of your own home without speaking to an office loan coordinator or account executive yet still receive a best estimate of our rate, term and/or availability based on your unique situation. Please provide as much information as possible. Thank You for making ValueLoans.com #1.

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Getting To Know You Section:Please include anything that may help us to give an accurate quote,Including Previous BK, Additional Income, Current Lender, current rate, goals or anything unique to Your Situation.

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